Cherry is an extremely popular fruit, one that can be put to a variety of uses. For instance, they are required in liqueur production, in cooking or can also be eaten raw. It belongs to the same family as plums, apricots, peaches as well as almonds. However, what makes almonds unique is that it is the only fruit that is cultivated especially for its seed. A common feature of the above mentioned fruits are that their leaves and seeds contain certain chemicals that are extremely poisonous in nature. Crushing, chewing or even slight injury to cherry seeds is all that is required for it to release prussic acid or hydrogen cyanide. So the next time you are enjoying your cherries, you know what is to be avoided.


Much like almonds and cherries, apple seeds too contain cyanide, though in very less concentrations. We often end up eating apple seeds unknowingly but since the poison content in the seeds of a single apple is much less, there’s no real risk of getting severely sick. However, the same cannot be said if one chews and consumes a large number of them, and can even lead to death if apple seeds in sufficient quantities is consumed. A single apple simply does not have enough seeds to make one fall ill, let alone die, but one will do good to avoid apple-eating competitions.